Thursday, 8 December 2011

All About Me!

My first venture into politics began when I  joined Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu (PKMS) Singapore Malays National Organisation (SMNO) in 2007. An aspiring politician and writer, allow me to share with you all abit about myself.

I initially had begun my successful career in the financial service sector, where I had dealt with insurance, investment brokerage and banking. Amongst my accomplishments were attaining the Million Dollar Round Table award in 2006, which is internationally recognized as the standard for sales excellence in the financial services sector and attending the Asean Young Insurance Manager Programme in 2008 at Brunei Darussalam under the invitation from the Singapore College of Insurance.Moving on I then switched to the marine line in 2010, setting up my own consultancy and brokerage company which had facilitated successful oil and gas trading businesses.

Now at the prime of my life, aged 30,I'm currently holding the position of Vice President 2 of PKMS. I'm  also the Head of it's Education Department in PKMS and Chief Editor of UTUSAN / DELEGATE, a newly-minted newspaper by PKMS. Besides PKMS,I'm actively involved with the coalition political party Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) and holds the position as the Head of its Youth Wing. [PKMS is one of the two component party in SDA, the other party being The Singapore Justice Party(SJP)]

I have a Bachelor of Business (Management) from RMIT.
Currently I have plans to further my studies hence I will be quite preoccupied. My sincere apologies if I don't blog as often as I would have love too.

I hope this blog would be my small contribution to PKMS to bring about societal awareness of the relevance of the party and its importance in Singapore!

The past may have blighted PKMS with its debacles, but I am ever so confident that moving forward with an  envision of a new beginning, unity, progress, aspirations and stellar leadership..... Only time will tell. PKMS restored back to its glory and prominence will not be a far-fetched dream after all.

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