Monday, 19 December 2011

Launch of PKMS/SMNO Education Programmes

It has been acknowledge that Globalization have driven many changes in many spectrum of the economy. As such the learning paradigm needs to be reshaped in tandem and evolve, so as to meet the new challenges. The education of a country’s citizen is therefore a critical factor in determining its future.
With a vision of amplifying knowledge, skills and abilities, we believe SMNO Education Bureau would be able to add-value and complement the current quality driven education system hence providing a strong foundation and comprehensiveness of a broad base education in Singapore.
With that strong beliefs,Singapore Malay National Organisation (SMNO) will be re-opening its Tuition Scheme, integrated with the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) approach, to primary school students.  

The SMNO Tuition Scheme, or Ikhlas (Sincerity) Project, is managed by the Education Bureau of SMNO spearheaded by myself and assisted by a team of experience, well qualified tutors and motivational trainers.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is an umbrella term that refers to students' acquisition of skills to recognize and manage emotions, develop care and concern for others, make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships, and handle challenging situations effectively.

Briefly it refers to skills to manage self, relate to others and make decisions.
We strongly believe Social and Emotional competencies help students to achieve his or her academic best. 
For example;
-Self Management skills like impulse control and stress management help students to priortize. It also helps them to deal with negative emotions like anger and anxiety, so that they can concentrate better in class.
-Relationship Management skills help students to reduce interpersonal conflicts that result in negative emotions. These skills also enable students to be more effective in obtaining the help they need from others for their studies.
-Moral Education via Culture and Religion. Instill principle, code of acceptable behavior and conduct via teaching of ISLAM.

All of which would be further reitierate to the students via our Motivational Approach
  • Help motivate your child/student to be their best (Establishing Mentorship and Moral Support group)
  • Use tools that are innovative for learning  and effective (Mutlimedia,video, photo, graphic and etc)
  • Equip with practical and effective study skills

We want to equip students with the ideal learning skills, besides instilling the importance of education in their lives. In short, we intend to make learning meaningful and fun for them.

Details of Ikhlas Project

Fee: $10 per month only for Four Subjects [English Language, Malay Language, Mathematics and Islamic Foundation Studies] Student intake for all levels are capped at 150 in total. 
Classes will be held every Saturday for 42 weeks, except the June and December holidays at the SMNO building in Eunos.

Students will be categorised as follows:
Level 1: Primary One and Primary Two       [2.30pm till 4.30pm]
Level 2: Primary Three and Primary Four     [5.00pm till 7.00pm]
Level 3: Primary Five and Primary Six          [7.30pm till 9.30pm] 

Enrichment Classes will also be offered to students who wish to develop their skills further. This is separate and additional to that off  Iklas Project. For more details do contact us at 6447 0468 or 6345 5275.

Registration Details
The public may get their registration forms from the SMNO Secretariat at 218F, Changi Road, PKMS Building, Singapore 419737. The office is open Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 5pm. Email completed forms to or fax to 6345 8724. 


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