Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Past & Present Leaders of PKMS / SMNO

The Leadership Succession
Leaders are chosen by their peers, where all his successes and failures would solely be the responsibility of those who chose him in the first place. Ironically, PKMS evolved and changed its direction with every succession. This will be a tribute to all benevolent leaders of PKMS and their sacrifices. Their efforts had left us with a rich heritage and legacy to champion.

1953 till 1961
Tan Sri Tengku Abdul Hamid Jumat

1961 till 1965
Tan Sri Khir Johari

1965 till 1977
Haji Ahmad Taff

1977 till 1979
Haji Selamat Samsuri

1979 till 1986
Haji Abdul Rahman Zin

Ibrahim Ariff held the Chairman position in 1986 upon the sudden passing on of Haji Abdul Rahman Zin. During his tenure he made a constitutional change and rename the top position in PKMS to President instead of Chairman.


1986 till 1989
Ibrahim Ariff

1989 till 1993
& 1997 till 2000
Haji Sahid Sahooman

1993 till 1994
Haji Hashim Abdul Rahman

1994 till 1997
Haji Atan Rafiee

2000 till 2006
Haji Borhan Ariffin

2006 till 2010
Osman Hassan

2010 till 2011
Ali Asjadi

2011 till Date
Abu Mohamed

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