Wednesday, 15 February 2012

PKMS/SMNO 2010 till 2012

Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present and learn from his past. Much has happened, much could have been learned but most importantly moving ahead with an ultimate goal befitting and deserving of an organization that has so much potential but sadly yet to have it realized.

2011 was the beginning of prominence, although premature,it may be a blessing in disguise as it revolted a welcoming change. Progress and changes has been rapid and still ongoing as we speak. With the much anticipated PKMS 21st Binennial General Meeting (BGM) successfully held last 5th February 2012, more is expected out of the new and rejuvenated Supreme Council line up. Will they be able to rise to the occasion and be accounted for? Would Mr Abu Mohamed the President leading the 21st Supreme Council of PKMS be able to bring about finally the much desired stability and importantly revel PKMS back to prominence...... The voice that once mattered had since been silent and crippled over a decade of undesirable infighting and facade. Can we win back the masses again? Can we be that change? Can we truly befit what that has since long past; be the people's representative and be relevant in the ever-changing political arena! Only time will tell. With integrity and a sense of public mission, I hope and pray that may 2012 be the year of change.

May I not be judge before I do. May I be Great if I'm allowed to.
May I make History with all that has comed hereto,
Because Legacies are made from days like tho. - Abdul Mutalib Ithnin

PKMS Events 2010 till Date

PKMS 20th Biennial General Meeting on 8.10.10

PKMS Representatives at UMNO's AGM 18.10.10 till 20.10.10

Representatives from PKMS for the International Forum organized by UMNO on 18th till 20th Oct 2010.

PKMS outreach effort performing the ibadah 'Korban' during Hari Raya Haji on 17.11.10 at Tanjong Pinang

PKMS 50 Years of establishment celebrated at Kampung Melayu on 23.02.11

PKMS one of the three component parties in SDA actively involved in the Last General Election held on May 2011.

PKMS EOGM held on 16.09.11

PKMS Hari Raya Celebration Group Picture of Executive Council picture taken on 25.09.11

PKMS had made a contribution of as much as $2800, as part of its 'Zakat Harta' to representative from PERGAS which was represented by Ustaz Majeed during our Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebration held on  25.09.11

Contribution of as much as $500 from PKMS  to an orphanage "Muta’alim", Batam on 15.10.11

PKMS first ever Soccer Charity Challenge held on 20.11.2011

PKMS representatives attending UMNO's International Forum on 27.11.11 till 3.12.11
PKMS Cultural Night and welcoming the  Year 2012 on 31/12/2011

PKMS Charity Bowl Event on 15.01.2012

PKMS 21st Biennial General Meeting held on 5.2.12

President Mr Abu Mohamed
Deputy President Mr Ismail Yacoob
Vice President 1 Mr Raja Muhammad Khalid
Vice President 2 Mr Abdul Mutalib Bin Ithnin

Head of Youth Wing Mr Fadzli Bin Majuri
Head of Women Wing  Ms Nur Adibah Mahat

Secretary General Mr Abdul Jamal
Assistant Secretary General Mr Ramli Bin Marucon

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